As a pottery painting studio, we focus on painting pre-fired ceramics called bisque. Bisque is pre-formed, once fired ceramics that come in many designs and concepts that allow the painter to be creative with colours and effects. The paints used are called under glazes, which means just that, they are painted directly onto the bisque ware, and once dry we apply a clear glaze layer. Followed by another drying stage, it’s then time to be fired to 1000*c for several hours in our large onsite kiln. Your creations are then ready for collection, we allow a 5-7 day turn around on finished pieces.

This style of pottery painting is suitable for all ages and abilities, is relaxing and can be a great way to spend a few hours to escape the everyday. We have a wide range of pieces from large bowls and vases through to small figurines and jewellery boxes, our Fairies are very popular with the little ones!

We also have tiles for doing hand and footprints for children, they make great gift ideas or just a special way to save a moment in time. We are more than happy to help with these.

Pricing ranges $15 up to $60 and a studio fee of $7 per painter. If you paint multiple pieces, you only pay the studio fee once per visit. Bookings are not required. There is no time limit on your visit and if you do not finish your piece, not to worry, we can put it aside for you and you can return at a later date to complete.

We are located in the heart of Mount Hawthorn, just 7km to the north of Perth CBD on Coogee Street. There are plenty of cafes and shops nearby, so drop in and have a chat, and see what we are about.

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